Personal data is
the new money of 21st century.

Welcome to the point of co-evolution relationship between tech, data and money.



Brontech wants to redefine the relationship between people, their personal data and money. We believe that translating personal data and identity into currency will create multiple layers of trust and place the individual at the center of the money creation process. The My Bron platform is one of the few decentralized platforms on the market that aims to mainstream the blockchain and other crypto 2.0. technologies and make them accessible to everyday people not just crypto enthusiasts.
The new models of peer-to-peer data exchange will create the fabric of the Web 3.0. The cornerstones of such interactions will be both sovereignty and trust, leaving little room for tradeoffs between security and privacy. Brontech is committed to deliver an open architecture enabling others to leverage this technology in order to disrupt the data value chain as we know it. We are marching our way to take a big role in the creation of the new generation of the Web without alienating our users with heavy tech and complex UI.

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My Bron: Discover the value of your data

The beginning of the personal data economy.


Monetizing data: Using the new data backed currency

One thing is certain, the market for data products is huge. In order the conversion of data into a currency to be successful the first step is to create a marketplace where people and businesses are willing to exchange actual services for data-backed products (or currencies like The Bron). That’s why we start here! The initial version of the My Bron platform integrates functionalities where businesses will incentivize their customers by providing Brons as additional reward. For the initial My Bron version we have several key objectives: to democratize and mainstream the usage of the digital currency i.e. to familiarize the users with this new form of money; to distribute the initial supply of The Bron and to provide a potential reward for early adopters based on the premise that if the demand for The Bron as a currency increases its value will increase respectively.

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My Bron Platform

Blockchain: In technology we trust

The Bron transactions are secured on the Ethereum blockchain.


The New Money

Money, in and of itself, is nothing. It can be a stone, a metal coin, or a piece of paper with a historic figure on it, but the value that people place on it has nothing to do with the physical value of the money. Money as we know it derives its value by being a widely accepted medium of exchange, a uniform unit of measure of value and a storage of wealth. They evolved from being something tangible such as coins, to just being a bits on your bank account; from being backed by a physical asset i.e. gold to just being a representation of a trust in a system. Today, we experience another evolutionary step in creation of money, a currency created by one of the most valuable assets of the 21th century- the data. To see how new money work, sign up here.

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API to your Digital Self: Who are you online?

Gateway to your personal data. Give explicit permission what, when and with whom you share.


Own who you are online, prove who you are online

You don't control your personal data! We are in an economy where data is more valuable than ever, so much so that experts compare it to the oil in the 18th century. In the past decade we witnessed business models that offered every bit of their software products just to harvest as much data as possible that became their biggest company asset. From social media platforms, to ecommerce websites and health wearables, people’s behavior and activities are being tracked around the clock. Despite the fact that we are creating 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day, you do not own or control most of the data you produce. The ability to capture the value and profit from this new valuable commodity predominately resides in the governments and business. Once the data is produced, the you have little to no power over it. Learn how to gain back the control over what belongs to you!

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My Bron Platform

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