MyBron Data Access API

Seamless access to personal data

The MyBron API provides easy access to the MyBron Platform and enables organizations to extract data from the MyBron pool with a privacy compliant consent management mechanism. The data in the MyBron pool is collected directly from the users/holders of the MyBron Personal Data Wallet by connecting different social, banking, shopping and other accounts. This version of the API and the provided API endpoints are intended for personal data extraction on an individual level where the client’s application provides a unique identification code through which the MyBron Platform identifies what data is requested. The user then authorizes the access through his/hers Personal Data Wallet and allows/declines the data pull request.

To request full API access please contact us at [email protected]. Please note that we take consumer privacy seriously and you will need to get explicit consent from your customers through your app, platform, chatbot or device to access their personal data.

API endpoints examples
Get attribute ID
Get data
data: {
            timestamp: 1503278904130,                             // when the response was generated
            accessCode: "5480ee75-1a71-4ac4-ba12-e54b57e851be",   // access code used to get the data
            firstName: [                                          // list (variations) of first names used
              { value: John, score: 0.9 },                        // value of parameter, trust score of parameter
              { value: Johnny, score: 0.4 },
              { value: J, score: 0.7 }
            lastName: [                                           // list of last names used
              { value: Doe, score: 1 }
            dateOfBirth: [                                        // list of dates of birth
              { value: 03-04-1980, score: 0.7 }
            gender: 'm',
            ageGroup: '35-40'
            // ... other attributes might follow

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