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Data is a central resource to building a digital economy

In the years to come, data will be the most valuable resource in the World. In the near future most of the services will be powered by ML/AI and personalization algorithms. To enable this leap, businesses need data. Although we produce information in abundance, access to it is more difficult than it seems.

MyBron Data Pool
Connecting bits

Most of the personal data is isolated in the organisations that collected it. There is an immense potential in connecting bits and pieces of information across data sources and contexts. We enable companies to access personal data with a superior level of relation accuracy. From the collected data we can also create digital identities with high accuracy of the PIIs correlation.

MyBron and bronID
Our users are our data contributors

The MyBron data pool is a network of personal data wallets. Our users are incentivized to contribute their data in exchange for The Bron (our native Bron token), cash or exclusive offers from our business partners. Having our users actively involved in the data exchange resolves the complexities around consent management and PII matching across platforms. We also provide a Digital Identity solution that our users can use to verify their identity and PIIs with partner organizations. Open your bronID!

GDPR, CDR & Data Portability
Consent is the key

Privacy should not be a legal hurdle, but a moral imperative for organisations with personal information. The new legislation changes in Europe and Australia request individual data rights management and transparent consent mechanisms. The MyBron platform provides a flexible consent solution that can cover cross-organisation data exchange.

Blockchain Backed Storage
Powered by Ethereum

Data should be decentralized, but also accessible. We use the Ethereum blockchain to create a decentralized infrastructure for the data wallets. This way we can distribute data storage and assure data integrity. We reward the MyBron users with the blockchain backed Bron token or cash when they share data. The Ethereum Blockchain also enables us to create unique decentralized identities. Currently, we are in alpha and use a private Ethereum blockchain. We will soon migrate to a public blockchain.

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We are occasionally making headlines, giving keynotes or participating in various events in the blockchain ecosystem.

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If you want to use the MyBron API or MyBron data products please contact us at [email protected]. If you like what we do, are passionate about tech and want to join our team send us your CV at [email protected]

  • What are data products?
    MyBron data products are anonymized statistical derivatives from the MyBron data pool. We use data in smart ways to provide value and incorporate data science for creating better services. It’s more than just analysis: it’s putting insight into production. The data product output can be a report, dynamic dashboard with specific market insights or even a trained ML algorithm.
  • Where do you source the data?
    The data is crowdsourced from the MyBron users. Every time we sell a data product, we share the revenue with our MyBron users. To put this simply, we pay royalty to the MyBron participants for using their data. We can also overlay this data with other 3rd party information.
  • What are Brons?
    Brons are Bron.Tech’s native digital token. The token is managed on a the Ethereum blockchain. The company’s currency is distributed to MyBron users for participating in the Bron Ecosystem. It represents a rewards mechanism for early adopters and MyBron users.
  • Where can I use my Brons?
    At the moment, Brons are falling under the ASIC’s RG 185 Non-cash payment facilities (NCPs) as a loyalty scheme as they can only be used in the Bron closed loop system to buy data products. However, we are currently undergoing a process of feasibility assessment and application for an Australian Financial Services Licence. We aim to make the Bron an alternative currency and payment mechanism that is in compliance with the Australian legislation and other jurisdictions laws. Our goal is the Bron and the other Bron stable coin derivatives to be accepted everywhere, in every store, by every retailer etc. We want to make the Bron a ubiquitous rewards currency that is easy to use and we are working with retailers for its adoption in 2018. Please subscribe to our newsletter to get notified on the progress.
  • What is an ICO? Have you done an ICO?
    An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a form of crowd fundraising when the company/organization sells its native tokens to the public to raise money in order to support the development of a proposed project. ICOs are also used as a token distribution mechanism.

    Bron.Tech has never done an ICO. The company currently uses the funds contributed by the founding team, its investors and revenue to fuel the product and service development. The reason for this is that although ICOs are effective funding mechanism they are often not the best distribution vehicle. On average after an ICO, tokens are held by 1,000-15,000 holders. We want the Bron to be as decentralized and as distributed as possible. Our strong position is that the stability and the utility of a token (or know in Economics as a complementary currency) is a function of its distribution and acceptance. Therefore, we will distribute as many tokens as possible in a form of a rewards currency to “common” people (not investors, traders and speculators) that are participating in the Bron Ecosystem. Purchases of Brons only make sense if the Bron purchaser intends to use them for further distribution. We discourage holding Brons under the assumption that they will have higher price in the future (i.e. speculative usage).

    We currently do not have a strong stand about conducting an ICO or not. At the moment we are not planning to do an ICO as we are well funded and our distribution is solid. However, if we do one it will primarily be for distribution rather than funding purposes and it will follow all the best practices and guidelines.
  • Is the Bron listed on any exchange?
    Currently the Bron is not listed and the platform is still in alpha phase. Before, we list the Bron we want to make sure we comply with all the Australian and other jurisdictions’ laws. We are assessing the feasibility for an AFSL application and qualifying the Bron as an NCP facility that will be used outside the Bron Ecosystem. Please, note that listing/trading on secondary markets is sometimes out of the company’s control as the community can decide to exchange the Bron out of the platform. In that case, the management of these type of trades falls in the scope of the exchange that is facilitating them. Note that we do not provide any guaranties that we’ll succeed in token listing or getting an AFSL.

    To stay informed of the progress please subscribe to our newsletter.
  • Can I use the MyBron API to access my customers’ data?
    The short answer is Yes. However, please note that you need to get explicit consent from your customers to access their data. We have strict privacy guidelines that you must follow. To get full access to the MyBron API please contact us at [email protected].
  • Who checks the data quality?
    Bron.Tech takes care of the data cleansing and the quality assessment. Our proprietary algorithms help us deliver high quality data products. We also have a patented identity verification protocol that makes sure every individual in our data pool is unique.
  • Can individuals opt-out from data sharing?
    Absolutely! In accordance to our Privacy Policy and pursuant to Privacy Act 1988 individuals can delete their accounts and their data. To do so, they just need to send a request to [email protected].


We are occasionally writing blog posts around the blockchain, identity and the future of seamless peer to peer data sharing

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