We power the future of knowledge
by breaking data silos.


Connecting bits

Most of the personal data is isolated in the organisations that collected it. There is immense potential in connecting bits and pieces of information across data sources and contexts. We enable companies to access personal data with a superior level of relation accuracy. From the collected data we can also create digital identities with superior accuracy of the PIIs correlation.

We see the future,
the future is decentralized.


Powered by Ethereum

Data should be decentralized, but also accessible. We use the Ethereum blockchain to create a decentralized infrastructure for the data wallets. This way we can distribute data storage and assure data integrity. We reward the MyBron users with the blockchain backed Bron reward points or cash when they share data. The Ethereum Blockchain also enables us to create unique decentralized identities.

Network of personal data wallets.
Accurate PII matching across platforms.


Our users are our data contributors

The MyBron data pool is a network of personal data wallets. Our users are incentivized to contribute their data in exchange for The Bron (our native rewards point), cash or exclusive offers from our business partners. Having our users actively involved in the data exchange resolves the complexities around consent management and PII matching across platforms.


We take privacy seriously.
Use our platform to comply with the changes in privacy laws.


Consent is the key

Privacy should not be a legal hurdle, but a moral imperative for organisations with personal information. The new legislation changes in Europe and Australia request individual data rights management and transparent consent mechanisms. The MyBron platform provides a flexible consent solution that can cover cross-organisation data exchange.

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